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 2015年以降THATTA ONLINE、チャチャヤング・ショートショート・マガジンなどの媒体に小説を執筆。短編集『機械の精神分析医』を2019年に、『二〇三八年から来た兵士』『猫の王』を2020年に、『千の夢』『豚の絶滅と復活について』を2021年に、『夏の丘 ロケットの空』を2022年にそれぞれアマゾンPOD、キンドル(Small Bear Press名義)で出版。サンプルはこちらでお読みいただけます。また、海外オンライン雑誌のFudoka Magazine、Lockdown Sci-Fiなどでも英語翻訳版の紹介がある。

 Small Bear Press は創作集のプライベートレーベルです。

 また、オンラインマガジンAnima Solarisにインタビュー記事があります。2021年8月 207号に前編が、2021年9月 208号に後編が掲載されています。


 He was in charge of the “SF Checklist” column in SF Hoseki and SF Adventure, which ran from its inception to its end, as well as the book review column in Shukan-Dokushojin. He has also translated the ”Science Fiction Source Book”, written commentaries on Sanrio SF Bunko, Sogen Suiri Bunko, and Hayakawa Bunko, and has recently written articles for SF Magazine and the online reading site Similbon. He has contributed to the “Handbook of Foreign SF”, “Complete outline of the Hayakawa Bunko SF 2000″ ,”Complete outline of the Hayakawa Bunko JA 1500” and the Seiun Award-winning “Complete outline of the Sanrio SF Bunko”, also assisting with “The Communication with Other Worlds created by Taku Mayumura,” winner of the Nex-pub POD Award 2022 Award of Excellence.
 Since 2015, he has written fiction for THATTA ONLINE, Cha Cha Young Short Shorts Magazine. His short stories “The Behavior Analyst of Things” was published in 2019, “The Soldier from year 2038” and “The King of Cats” ,were published in 2020, “Thousand Dreams”, “On the Extinction and Resurrection of Pigs” were published in 2021, “A Sky of Rockets Flying over the Summer Hills” was publishd in 2022, on Amazon POD and Kindle. He has also been featured in Fudoka Magazine, Lockdown Sci-Fi, and other international online publications. 
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